Google Is Creating a Tool that Automatically Generates 6-Second Video Ads

PPC is a space that is undergoing constant change. From new forms of ads to entirely new platforms, it is a space that is constantly shifting with the times. However, the arrival Google’s latest ad feature is something that is bound to profoundly disrupt the space as a whole, and to many is the future of advertising.

Introducing The Bumper Machine

Currently testing through Youtube, the “Bumper Machine” is a tool that can cut down a conventional 60-90 sec video ad down to just 6 seconds, the smallest timeslot that is available for video ads on the Youtube platform. This is all done using machine learning, and will be a fully automated process.

The tool searches for key elements in an ad, such as voiceovers, products, company names and logos, or specific people, and compiles all of them together in a 6 second clip. The last 2-3 secs of an ad will always have a call to action. The machine will create 4 versions of the ad, of which the user can choose which ones to keep and which ones to dispose of.

Currently, the Bumper Machine is in Alpha testing, but will soon move on to beta testing before having a worldwide rollout.

So What’s Going To Happen?

The rebound effects of this are huge. While machine learning is already widely integrated into text ads (an example being Google’s prominent “responsive search ads” and “dynamic search ads”, the implication that it can be effective with media means that the usage of video ads will become even more prominent than before. Video ads have been proven to be among the most effective, engaging ad formats out there. To be able to automatically generate new ads from existing content means fewer resources and time being used to create them, lowering the threshold to entry for many businesses.

Furthermore, other platforms will likely adopt this as well following its release. Facebook would be a particular beneficiary, considering that the vast majority of its ads consist of media content. Other platforms will soon adopt them as well. In short, expect video ads to become ever more prominent in the future.

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