Google is Changing How People Discover Movie & TV Shows

Google is now changing the way searchers will find TV shows or movies to watch when searching on Google. Starting today, searchers that enter queries similar to “what to watch” on mobile devices will get to walk through a new search experience. This new experience is similar to apps such as Tinder and other dating sites with the capability to swipe right for what they like and swipe left for things they don’t like.

The New Search Experience

This new experience for media searching will first get to know what the user already likes as well as their interests by asking questions of what the users’ likes and the subscription services they are linked to. After the initial rating process and getting to know the user, Google will have enough data to provide users with personalized recommendations for what to watch next. This recommendation searching system words for more specific search terms as well to help searchers find movies or show exactly where they are looking. For example, people could search for terms like “horror movies from the 80s” or “adventure documentaries,” etc.

Finding A Show or Movie

After you swipe through all of the recommendations that the new experience presents you, what happens when you find a show or movie you would like to watch? Once you find the desired movie or show, the new feature will show where the searchers can immediately find out where they are available to rent, buy, or watch with the subscriptions you have.

When you initially type in your search query you will see a regular looking search results page but with a different section at the top. This new section is the new search appearance where it shows different shows in a grid pattern. You can tap the start button in the “Top picks for you” carousel to begin rating TV shows and movies.


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