Google Introduces Three New Search Console Reports

To further showcase the importance of structured data with search engine optimization in 2019, Google has announced that they are bringing three new reports to Search Console. All three reports will be related to structured data.

What are the Three Reports Coming To Search Console?

Out of the three reports mentioned above, two of them are enhancement reports for the Sitelinks search box and Logo structured data. These two reports will join existing reports such as Recipe, Event, and Job Posting. These new reports will display the overall trends of errors, warnings, and valid items on a site. In addition to these, they also display warnings and errors per page.  Below is an example of what you may see with these new reports in Search Console.

While this is an overview of all the things tracked in the report, users can click on each individual color to review each issue separately. Underneath the boxes, users that click on the rows will see which pages that are currently affected by the issues brought to attention by the report.

The third new report is the ‘Unparsable Structured Data’ report, and a Google rep explained it as such:

“We are also happy to launch the Unparsable Structured Data report, which aggregates parsing issues such as structured data syntax errors that prevented Google from identifying the feature type. That is the reason these issues are aggregated here instead of the intended specific feature report.”

If there are parsing errors on your website then you will see in this report which structured data is causing the errors to occur. That way, webmasters can go in and fix the issue to ensure they have properly working structured data on their site.  Below are screenshots of what the report will look like:

The good thing with this report is that everything you see is an error, so there is no time or space wasted with warnings or valid items. This way you can find the error and fix it as soon as possible. Once all fixes are made, you should run the URL the structure data tool to validate the fix.

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