Google Introduces the Sitelinks Searchbox

Google has introduced one of the fastest growing schema implementations on the web — the sitelinks search box markup.   However, webmasters may not be too convinced, especially with Google dropping support for authorship photos in the search results. Let’s explore how this works to see if this new markup is right for you.

Search Box Basics

This box will only appear in search results for specific branded and navigation queries.

  • adobe
  • apple website

Users now have the capability to refine searches within a particular site. For example, if someone searches for “Moz,” they can now refine their search to, “SEO blog.” Keep in mind, this is does not occur with every site you search via Google.

Searches that are performed in the sitelinks box send users to an additional set of results. Additionally, the second page promotes other Google ads which allows users the opportunity to click on an ad, rather than visit the site.

Websites with a consistently higher volume of branded queries generally have the upper hand. Google reserves sitelinks for these types of websites and will typically send a message to those whom are eligible.

Rather than waiting on Google, check out Google Webmaster Tools to see if your site qualifies.



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