Google Introduces New Generative AI Capabilities For Google Ads Campaigns

Google has announced that new artificial intelligence features are coming to Demand Gen Google Ads campaigns. Companies with Demand Gen campaigns will now have access to generative image tools that can create unique, high-quality images from prompts provided by the user. These images generated using Google AI can help companies generate demand on Google’s entertainment-focused platforms, including YouTube, Discover, and Gmail. Learn more about how you can use generative AI in your Google Ads campaigns by reading below, or contact Boston Web Marketing today to speak with a PPC expert about optimizing your Google Ads campaign!

How Do Generative Image Tools Work?

Google AI’s generative image tools can be used to help your business create images that are tailored specifically for you in just seconds. Simply input a descriptive prompt that includes some basic details about your brand identity and the types of images you want the tool to generate, and in seconds, Google AI will spit out a few images that are available for use in your Google Ads campaign. In an answer to a question about using generative image tools in Google Ads, Google did mention that their generative AI tools are designed to automatically limit the creation of certain content, including faces, children, specific people, branded items, logos, and more.

What Are Demand Gen Google Ads Campaigns?

Demand Gen campaigns are used to help your company find and convert users using visual, attention-grabbing content. Demand Gen campaigns are used on YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail. These campaigns give you the ability to target unique audience segments, helping you show your best image and video ads to the right user at the right time. According to data from Google, “Demand Gen campaigns saw 6% more conversions per dollar than those running image-only ads”. For more information about Demand Gen Google Ad campaigns and how they can be used to benefit your business, please contact Boston Web Marketing today!

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