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Google Introduces Mobile Usability Report in Webmasters Tools

Google announced that it has introduced a new report in Google Webmasters Tools that evaluates your website’s mobile capability. You can access this report by going to The report will specifically show you common usability issues with your website specifically related to mobile devices. The goal of this new report is to alert website owners of these usability problems so that they can go in and fix them.

Some of the specific issues that the report will address are:

  • flash content (which Google now issues warnings for on mobile searches in multiple languages)
  • Missing viewport  meta-tag data for mobile searches
  • Tiny font that is hard to read on a mobile device
  • Fixed with viewports or non-responsive websites
  • Content not sized to viewports
  • Clickable links & clickable buttons that are too close to each other

Google’s Webmaster Analyst Team said that they highly recommend that you look at the issues that the report addresses and fix them. It is not directly stated that the issues that the report addresses will affect your search results, but mobile device searches are becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on so it is in your best interest to fix the issues that the Webmasters Tools Mobile Usability Report addresses.

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