Google Introduces Cross-Device Remarketing

In online advertising, remarketing, often referred to as ‘retargeting’, describes the Google Display Network feature that enables advertisers to target and show their advertisements to users who have previously visited their website. Previously, Google had relied on cookies and mobile IDs to locate users to reach with remarketing.

Announced September 25th in a blog post penned by Brad Penner, Google’s VP of display and video advertising, Google will now begin implementing cross-device remarketing to the Display Network, in addition to the Double Click Bid Manager feature, which will allow advertisers to reach the same web users across multiple devices. This will also allow advertisers to choose how frequently users will see their ads, whether it be on desktop, mobile browsers or mobile applications.

What excites advertisers most about this news is that this will enable them to essentially “tell a story” to potential customers throughout the day. For example, a sports equipment retailer may target users in the morning with a display ad promoting their Memorial Day sale. Then, later in the day, while users are commuting home, they may show another ad to the same user they initially reached, while they’re on their tablet during their train ride or bus ride home, offering an exclusive discount at the store.

The more control advertisers have, the more potential they have to entice potential customers. This cross-device retargeting feature will allow advertisers to better control where, how frequently and when their display ads will appear.

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