Google Introduces Click to Text Message Extension to AdWords

According to a research report written by the PEW Research Center, Americans, ages 18-49, text more often than voice calling. Over the course of the study period, 97% of overall participants used text messaging at least once, making it the most used feature on a cell phone. With these statistics it’s no wonder why Google will be launching a text message extension to their users’ AdWords campaigns.

The new text message extension is coming out of its beta stage and will be rolled out over the next few weeks. It will bring the ease and convenience of text messaging to paid search ads. Users will be able to text businesses about products or services, and continue the conversation at their own convenience.

How it Works

Before enabling text messaging on your paid search ads, be sure that your business phone is able to receive text messages, and that there will be someone available to reply to them!

They way this extension works is very simple. When you are creating a paid search ad you will be presented with the option to include text messaging on your ad. Enable it, and the option to text your business will appear below the option to call when users see the ad. When they click on the text option, their phone will open up their messaging app and they will be able to communicate with you.

You can also set a prefilled text message which could save customers’ time by anticipating what they will be inquiring about. Customers will be able to edit this message should they need to. If your ads with text message enabled are running after business hours, you will be able to set an automated response, detailing when you will be able to get back to them!

Enabling the text message extension does not cost you anything extra. It does however, count as one click towards your pay per click campaign.

This new text message feature can be used by many businesses such as restaurants and hotels. Customers will be able to text to make dinner reservations or to inquire about hotel vacancies. Businesses that offer particular services or products, will be able to provide free quotes to customers, quickly and easily.

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