Google Interstitial Penalty Coming this January to Mobile Pages

Google has recently announced that it will now be focusing on intrusive interstitials on mobile web pages. The reasoning behind it is that this form of ads can be difficult and bothersome for those using mobile devices.

An interstitial is a pop-up ad or full page ad that impedes you from accurately being able to access the content on a given page. It interrupts the user from being able to fully access the site. So if you currently have any pop-up ads on your mobile web page it is time to start thinking about taking them down. Starting January 10th, Google will be applying a penalty to your site for intrusive interstitials. However, to every rule there are exceptions.

Google will be accepting particular interstitials under certain conditions, including:

  •  Interstitial with legal responsibilities such as cookie usage and age verification
  • Any interstitials with login communication where content cannot be openly indexed
  • Banners with an adequate amount of screen space such as Chrome or Firefox

If this is not the case for your site and you currently have interstitials on your mobile site, make sure you abide by these rules come January or Google will be punishing your site for intrusive interstitials.


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