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Google Internally Labels Penguin-Impacted Links

In a conversation with, Google exec Gary Illyes confirmed that Google now labels links on websites as a means of categorizing them by their function and behavior. By differentiating these links, Google’s manual action team has an easier job determining whether or not websites are subject to a manual action. Google organizes these links in three different categories:

  • Footer Links: Links that appear within the site. This label allows Google to determine how important certain links are.  For example, links that appear in the footer are noted as being less important than ones in the main content.
  • Disavowed Links: Links that have been ‘disavowed‘. By disavowing links, you can make sure your website isn’t penalized by Penguin for ‘spammy’ inbound links.
  • Penguin Real Time Links: Links that are affected by the new penguin algorithm.

Links that are labelled “Penguin Real Time”, are seen by the manual actions team, essentially tipping them off about whether or not they should dig deeper into the content of the site and decide whether or not the entire website warrants a manual action. This will result in major organic search droppings, which, in order to be lifted, will require these websites’ web admins to disavow these penguin-affected links.

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