Google Initiates Two Ad Updates

Ads Now Appear in Local Finder

Google has updated its Local Finder results in a way that Ads will now appear. The ads can be seen after a user clicks “More Places” in the local three pack on a search results page. This addition helps retailers and service providers, who are not featured on the three pack, get on top search results.  That of course, happen if users click the “More Places” option. These Local Finder ads are based upon Google Adwords location extensions. What is interesting about these new ads, is that if a retailer is featured in Local Finder results, they will not get a pin on the map.

With this update, it is another way for advertisers to use the full potential of Google Adwords to gain as much exposure as possible. However, it is another organic avenue in which ads have invaded.

Google Maps is no longer a Search Partner

Google has also informed advertisers that Google Maps has been removed from the list of Google sites associated with Search Partner in the Adwords help page. With this change it means that:

  • Those who have used location extensions and opted out of Search Partners can now have their ads shown in Maps. Which will increase impressions.
  • Advertisers that do not use location extensions but used Search Partners might see a drop in impressions with this new update.

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