Google Improves “Street View” Quality

The first time you probably ever used Google’s Street View feature was about eight years ago when you looked up your house.  Now you probably use it more frequently to find business storefronts, see what street parking looks like, the location for your next job interview, or to find a nearby restaurant for date night.
After nearly a decade of snapping billions of photos all over the world, Google’s Street View has redesigned its Street View camera system so it can take better quality images and capture more information about shops and buildings.
With more specific queries being searched for daily, Google invested in improving the clarity to provide users with a more high-definition experience when they are searching for locations.
The higher quality images coming from Google’s Street View vehicles will extract information more reliably and clearly.  The new system takes clearer panoramic photos, as well as high definition cameras take detailed images of buildings, shops, and street signs.  The improved cameras have produced brighter, more colorful, 360-degree images, without pixelated images that look pieced together.
Google is also allowing users to upload their own panoramas through the Street View mobile app.  The footage will be processed by Google’s recognition algorithms to update the map data.  Google’s Street View Mobile app rewards users with virtual trophies, as it does when users write Google Reviews.
The better technology leads to better source data, which also allows for the expansion of Google’s voice search and assistant functions.

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