Google Images is Adding Captions to Mobile Search

Another change is coming to Google: starting this week, images that populate in mobile search results will include captions and the page URL. The caption will be pulled from the page title written into the website. This feature has been added to give users more context about the website’s content and its relevance to your current search.

This change comes after Google removed the “Search by Image” button from search capabilities in February and the addition of image badges in 2017. This is being done in a movement to make Image Search more useful and user-friendly. URLs currently appear on mobile image search results, and the captions will be rolled out on mobile browsers and the Google app later this week.

Benefits of the New Caption Feature

By adding the caption to Google Images, properly labeled images on your site may be able to drive more relevant traffic to your site, especially if you are promoting a visual product or service. For example, if you are selling shoes online, making sure the page title of each product includes the style and color of the shoe may be able to help your shoe appear in the image search results. This new feature also helps stress the importance of making sure all of your images are fully optimized in order to help your ranking and take advantage of potential e-commerce opportunities. Adding descriptive file names, alt text and making sure you have your main keywords in your metadata can help with image searches.

As of right now, there are no announced plans to use alternate means to pull the image caption from other sections of the website.

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