Google Image Search Removes Search Features

In an effort to connect users with useful websites, Google is making some changes to its image search. The search engine giant will be getting rid of two functions such as the “View Image” button and the “Search by Image” button. Instead of having the “View Image” button, Google will simply be keeping the “Visit” button so users can see images in the context of the web pages they are on.
For those worried about the reverse image search capabilities that “Search by Image” gave them, fear no more as this reverse searching is still in existence. It will be done by the way most people search, which is through the search bar of Google Images.
Below is a screen grab of an image search with the two buttons gone and the “Visit” button visible after you click on a single image after your initial search. These changes are Google’s response to help with copyright infringement with photos that appear in an image search.


In addition to these feature updates, to also help with copyright infringement, Google has made it more visible to see if the images people are choosing are subject to the matter. Below is a screenshot of the new layout of copyright messages under each photo.

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