Google Home Now Helps You Cook Over 5 Million Recipes

Google announced that their voice search device, Google Home, is now able to talk users through cooking more than 5 million recipes. This feature is now available due to Google’s partnership with Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Food Network and other recipe databases to bring all these recipes to your home.

How It Works

  1. Pick a recipe –  Use your Google Assistant on your Android phone or do a Google Search on either iOS or Android and find a recipe. Once you pick a recipe you are interested in select the “Send to Google Home” button. That will save the recipe to your Google Home.
  2. When you are fully prepared to make this recipe, say to your Google Home “Ok Google, start cooking.”
  3. The Google Home device will then walk you through the process on creating this dish. What is cool about this feature is that at any time, you can say “Ok Google, repeat” or “Ok Google, what’s step two?”

The search engine giant stated that you can also just say “Ok Google, let’s make cupcakes” or substitute “cupcakes” with something else. After this, Google will give you a recipe to cook without doing step 1. Which ever method you want to choose, cooking just got a lot easier, informative and most importantly, way more fun!

Go on, find a recipe and get cooking!


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