Google Has No Plan to Share Featured Snippets Metrics in Webmasters Tools

Last year, certain rich snippets were featured in Google Webmasters Tools for a brief period of time. While this appeared to be only for testing purposes, as this feature was discarded after a brief period of time, there were still web admins hoping that Google would permanently include featured snippet analytics in search console.

Unfortunately, Gary Illyes, Google’s Webmaster trends analyst announced that they don’t have any immediate plans to reintroduce this feature. It seems this decision comes from Illyes’s higher ups, as Google’s afraid this feature may not ultimately benefit the user experience.

What Illyes then asks for publishers to do is to let Google know how they would use this data to create better content and improve the user experience. Illyes explained that Google’s reason for not including featured snippet analytics is “political”, perhaps suggesting publishers could use this data to manipulate the manner in which they release content to manipulate the algorithm.

Featured snippets are quick summaries provided by Google at the top of search engine results pages when users ask a question in their search query. This information is pulled off of an indexed web page that best answers the question asked. These snippets come in three different formats: table, paragraph and list.

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