Google Has Made Some New Updates to Google My Business

As you may know, Google My Business is a great platform for local business owners who are trying to establish their business. Google understands the importance of this and has done a good job in staying consistent in adding new features to help build your brand.
So what’s new?

Google Posts

Brands can now take advantage in posting out further information that will be included in your SERP sidebar. Not only will this help them build awareness towards the digital audience but if used correctly, can be a powerful tool to attract your audience as it will be among the first things users see when displayed on mobile devices. It can be a great way to grab attention with the latest deals and offers.

Q&A Feature

Recently, Google has added a Q&A feature that will pop up before customers even visit your site. These questions could include what credit cards are accepted at a particular location to the best places to find parking. What’s interesting about this feature is that it’s both crowdsourced and curated by the merchant, which means users are able to provide their feedback by giving a “thumbs up” to helpful questions and answers.
So far, the only problem with this feature is that it is only compatible for Android users, which will soon open out to all devices.

Chat Capabilities

Another cool but efficient new feature is Google My Business chat capabilities. This program allows customers to personally communicate with local businesses in real time. Whether it’s to check their opening hours or check for an available stock, you can now get your answer within minutes!

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