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On November 11, 2011 Google recently announced that they have made changes to their algorithm which has been deemed the “Freshness update.” So what does this mean for your company? What can I do from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standpoint?

1)     Have new and fresh content that people want to read and share. Engage your readers with relevant and interesting content. For a business owner this could be something as simple as creating a blog post mentioning holiday offers or creating and frequently updating a specials page.

2)     Create a blog to share ideas and further establish your company as an expert in your industry. Our web designers create sites with a built in blog

3)     Promote your content and effectively manage social media.  You can add social media icons within a blog or website for convenient content sharing. Additionally you can share in social networks such as T­witter, Facebook, and Google+

4)     Resubmit your sitemap when new content is added.  Sitemaps have a timestamp and Google may read this to help display fresher content within organic searches and can also help to update sitelinks


By Jeffrey Pucko

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