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Reputation Management is all about what a customer sees first.  Are they viewing positive information about your business or negative information about the business? Depending on how old your company is, odds are you had at least one unhappy client in the past. There are many places online where people can voice their opinions about your company/service.  Many of these sites index well on Google which can lead to negative articles about your business appearing at the top.  Since we cannot remove these articles, what we can do is push them down with better indexed platforms. Google+ is a great new tool to help achieve this.

It has been common practice for years to help suppress poor information about your company by flooding the internet with positive information. To do this, we employ tools that Google indexes well, including:  blogs, news article sites, domains, directories and social media. You will notice that when you search for your business that if you have social media, those pages normally appear at the top.  Google+ is the newest social Media site and as of November offers the ability for Companies to build their own pages.  This achieves two goals, the first is the ability to provide more positive content about your company through Google+ and the second is the placement of Google+ in search results.

When people research a company they normally search for your name.  This search will ultimately lead Google to pull up your website. If you have taken the appropriate steps for optimizing your website, you should see site links below your home page. Now with Google+ you will also see information coming from your Google+ Business account.

This search for Toyota brings up the homepage, sitelinks and their Google+ Page. A Customer looking for information about the company is going to be hit with vast amounts of information that you can control. This allows us to provide a maximum amount of positive content in the first half of a Google Search result.

The end goal of reputation management to suppress negative content, promote positive content and brand your business properly. Google+ is the latest tool to help achieve these goals.  While Google+ accounts are not fully integrated into all search results yet, it is important to get in on the ground floor and be a head of your competition.

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