Google For Nonprofits

Google has become a pivotal tool when it comes to growing your business, increasing brand awareness across, and introducing your business to new clients with ease across the digital landscape. On top of the various tools that Google provides to Marketers and businesses alike, it also offers unique services to help nonprofits offset tight financial constraints by providing free tools & grants to help increase collaboration, awareness, and the overall message of the company.  Nonprofits should look into utilizing this asset if you are looking to increase your regional or global impact, without burning through your marketing spend. Below is a helpful list of benefits that Google for Nonprofits, to see if your company may be eligible, click here!

Google For Nonprofits

G Suite is a powerful tool that allows employees within an organization to maintain contact from any corner of the globe. G Suite is a collection of powerful apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, that gives organizations the tools to collaborate remotely while maintaining efficiency. This can be beneficial if your organization is spread across the country, if you need volunteers at multiple events, or even when it comes to scheduling meetings and appointments. Google Suite is a platform that generall runs a user or small business anywhere from $6-$25 depending on users and services, however, for eligible nonprofits G suite comes FREE of charge.

Google Ad Grants

Google provides thousands of dollars in free ad spending for Nonprofits with its Google Ad Grants program. This program is designed to help get your nonprofit in front of potential donors while raising valuable awareness for your organization without affecting your overhead. Ad Grants provides Nonprofits access to up to $10,000 in text-based ads every month. This adds up to $120,000 in free ad spending per year!!

Google Provides the Tools to Bring Your Nonprofit to the Next Level

Aside from Providing Thousands of ad spending via Ad Grants, and a powerful collaboration tool via G Suite, Google provides Nonprofits with everything that they need in terms of increasing organization awareness, community engagement, and exposure through Google’s many nonprofit platforms!

Google Donation Tools

Donating to your cause has never been easier with Google Donation Tools, this tool provided by Google utilizes the Google One Today app that shares the stories of different nonprofits every day to increase awareness across a large & diverse audience. This exposure gives users easy access to learn more about your organization and even donate to support your cause, but overall it gives your organization an additional venue to share your story & cause with a massive audience.

Youtube Nonprofit Program

The Youtube Nonprofit program focuses on visual storytelling that allows Nonprofits to implement donation buttons across a variety of platforms and provides valuable insight on your audience. This platform allows Nonprofits to fundraise through videos, educate your audience on your mission, values goals, as well as connecting and engaging with your community by sharing organization events.

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