Google For Jobs adds Salary Information

Back in June of this year, Google created Google for Jobs, an update where job listings would show up on search engine result pages. Google’s job search function partners with job matching and recruiting sites like ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and more. These companies provide their job listing services, and Google, with its amazing learning capabilities, can help qualified job seekers find the exact job they’re looking for. Google pairs with these sites and indexes these job listings, and users searching for that exact job will have a better chance of finding it. In addition to just the job listing itself, Googles job feature also includes other information such as the date the job was posted, how far the job is from each user, reviews of the company and position, and so on.
Although the job search function already includes many useful function for job seekers, many users requested salary information to also be shown in the search result listing. If actual salary information is not available or has not been disclosed, then Google will provide a salary estimate based on position, location, employer, and other payment factors. This salary information component has only just recently been added.
Another user requested feature that will also be added to Google for Jobs is a location filter. Instead of just seeing results in the general area of a search, users can now select a location filter and set a mile radius around their location. Job seekers can set a filter to only show job opportunities within a 5-mile radius for example. This will benefit job seekers who do not want a long commuting distance.
Google has also announced that they will soon introduce a bookmark button to the service, this will allow users to bookmark job postings and save them to view later. Google plans to continue taking feedback from users for add-on features for Google for Jobs. Job seekers have a helpful platform when on the hunt for that perfect position!

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