Google Flights Has Been Updated

Google travel has recently completed the update for the desktop version of their Google flights program. This summer, Google updated the mobile version of this application to create a more user-friendly, money-saving platform. Well now, the updated desktop version is also available for users who want to get away.
When navigating to Google flights, users can see an option to try the updated version of flights, advertised in a banner on the right-hand side of the screen. When you click on the “try now” button, it will bring you to the new Google Flights beta-page, which is instantly more appealing and straightforward.
Google Flights

Clear Search Tools

If you are browsing from within the United States, this is the interface you will see. A clear and concise menu with necessary flight information search tools. Popular destinations from the area of departure, and a map on the right. The map feature is incredibly interactive and makes browsing destinations for all the adventurous souls out there fun and easy. You can click on the map and it brings you to the entire map of the United States with blue dots highlighting destinations.
Google Flights Map

Fun Interface

For more popular destinations, or larger airports, the blue dots are larger, and for small airports in less popular regions, the dots are small. It is interesting for curious travelers to see the different classifications of airports and popular areas, and can even help you finagle your way to finding an alternate, cheaper flight route.
The new update makes browsing for flights extremely simple, and almost entertaining when you start perusing the map seeing all the flight options. Google flights offers many of the same major functions many travel sites offer like travel alerts and pricing notifications. While Google is not currently at the forefront of the travel booking industry, we all know the capabilities and resources that Google has, so this new update to their flight application may be just the beginning!

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