Google: Flash Display Ads Will Eventually be Unsupported

Google announced this week that it will begin to end support for Flash-based ads on its Display Network this year. As of June 30th, 2016, “display ads built in Flash can no longer be uploaded into AdWords and DoubleClick Digital Marketing.” Google also noticed that beginning January 2nd, 2017, “display ads in the Flash format can no longer run on the Google Display Network or through DoubleClick.” 

Google is switching over to strictly HTML5 and encourages all advertisers to begin to prepare for these significant formatting changes and requirements. The decision is likely due, in part, to an effort to accommodate more users, including those on Apple devices or those that don’t support Flash. One interesting caveat is that video ads built in Flash will not be affected at this time.

Google made the announcement on February 9th (this past Tuesday), which, unsurprisingly, did not arrive without complaints from advertisers. This is a big deal for advertisers who build their Display ads exclusively in Adobe programs. However, Google is giving advertisers ample warning, and all should have a contingency plan for their Display Ads campaign.

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