Google Fights Against Low Quality Exact Match Domains

Matt Cutts, the head of all things SEO for Google (Search Quality Team) recently made an announcement on his Twitter feed on a new update the search engine made to their current algorithm.  He said they’d be making a minor tweak that will “reduce low-quality “exact match’ domains” from being picked up well by their algorithm in search results. He mentions that this change will effect only 0.6% of US-English searches and also added that is not in association with any Panda (fights low quality content) or Penguin (fights spam) updates.

This is something the Search Quality Team at Google has been mentioning for a little bit now, specifically that they’d be seeing why exact domain matches rank highly when they probably shouldn’t. For example a site that’s domain is comes up for a “Boston Electricians” search, but the site has low quality content and  isn’t well optimized, etc.  So if you have a site that’s a keyword domain, make sure that you have a good quality well optimized website.

-George Freeman

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