How To Increase Website Speed

The rate at which your website loads is an important aspect in terms of user interaction as well as with Google. About 53% of users abandon a website if it does not load within 3 seconds or less. For business purposes, Google uses website speed as a ranking factor in regards to Google searches. There are many different things you can do to increase website speed but the most popular fixes are to reduce the image size, minify javascript, and download cache plugins.

Cache Plugins

If you are using WordPress, there are plugins you can install that cache everything on your website. Caching will save a copy of every page of your website so it loads faster after someone visits your website. Two plugins that work great are WP Total Cache and WP Super Cache. 

Resize Images

The main reason why websites load slowly is because they have large images that take extra time to process through the server. If you have a slider, make sure that the images are only as large as the slider is set to. If you have a large image, the slider will show the image but only as far as the slider goes. The website would then still have to process the rest of the image, thus making load time slower. Re-sizing and compressing photos will help make the website run faster.

Minify CSS & JavaScript

Another plugin to help with site speed is BWP minify. What this does is that it will simplify all of the JavaScript and CSS files on your website. By getting rid of unnecessary code, the website will process all of its commands more quickly and become available to users.

Fix All Broken Links

Broken links in your CSS, JavaScript, and image URLs can affect your website’s speed. If links are broken, especially on an image, the browser is attempting to download an image that is not even available. This can cause your website speed to slow down which would likely result in users clicking off of your website.

Prioritize Content Above the Fold

It’s important to have the most important information at the top of each page. This is important because if your website speed is down, users will most likely get the information they are looking for before they even have to scroll through the page. The top of pages are also the first part to load, so if the rest of the page takes a little longer to load at least your users can see the important information right away. 

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