Google Enhances AdWords Products Tabs for Shopping Campaigns

The Products tab in AdWords is getting some more functionality as Google enhances this option for shopping campaigns. Managers will now see “Product Status” and “Effective Max CPC” in the Products Tab.

Product Status – This feature lets users know if a specific product is ready to serve, is disapproved, excluded or out of stock. You can add this from the the drop down menu.

Effective Max CPC – This feature is lets managers make bid adjustments from the Products Tab on individual products within different product groups you may have.

In addition, Google has added several inventory status columns. These new inventory columns let you see percentages and totals of products ready to serve, those that are active, approved, and total submitted products. With these new features it will make life easier, rather than rummaging through the Merchant Center. Google has also added more information to help shopping managers with AdWords Report Editor. Managers can now see attributes such as brand or product type for different campaigns, as well as the option to build charts and tables for reporting purposes.


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