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Once you have optimized your Google plus profile, your next step is to engage more in Google’s new form of social media.

The first step is to add a +1 Button to your website and blog. A convenient button on your website and/or at the bottom of blog posts will help people to easily share your content.

Next is getting your status updates to appear in search results. When Google rolled out “Search Plus your World” it allowed for profiles and status updates to appear in searches. The best way to increase visibility is to think about which keywords and location based keywords you want to rank for, and include these keywords with anchor text back to your website in each status update.

Another way to help Google+ Results appear is to make use of Google Authorship and the Google Plus author tag. When Google authorship is implemented properly a picture of the author’s face and also includes a link to his/her Google+ profile when your site appears in search results.

Lastly take full advantage of personalized search by creating circles of friends, colleagues, and industry professionals within your Google plus network. People in your circles will be able to see personal results which can be provided by you at the top of search results.


By Jeffrey Pucko

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