Google Search Context, Fact Checks Highlight Content Writing Importance

Content is king when it comes to SEO strategy, but search engines are likely to rank fact-heavy, concise, and intellectually-sourced content over pieces that aren’t as factually sound. This is according to the latest updates on Google search from the company itself.

Via The Keyword blog, Google explained that verified fact-checks from expert third parties are used to markup search results nearly 11 million times a day on Google News and Google Search. The search engine giant estimates that fact checks are incorporated into user’s search results on either service nearly 4 billion times in a given calendar year. Google has incorporated dynamic fact checks over the last three years, but has likely scaled the effort due to a surge of politically-motivated misinformation from various organizations with extreme political or social agendas.

The information generated by these efforts might provide valuable context for people as they use Google products—for instance, we could surface the origin of a miscaptioned image or background on the creator of a manipulated video. In 2020, we’ll continue our work to provide users with useful context about the content they access online and offline.

Beyond highlighting fact checks on our surfaces, Google has for years supported fact-checking projects around the world. In 2020, we’ll explore new models to support the long-term sustainability of the fact-checking field. Fact-checking matters, to Google and everyone who uses our products. We’ll continue to find ways to surface and support quality journalism on our products and beyond

What does this mean for content marketers?

Content writing will require teams of writers that can manage brand messaging, SEO optimization for content, and incorporate factual sources moving forward. Even though Google rolled out these major fact checks in 2016, the importance of them will grow as a factor in ranking new websites and pages. Even businesses that have consumer-facing products or services will have to adapt their content strategy to use factual sources, source attribution, and other means to verify the information of their content.

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