Google Confirms Panda Update 26

Google continues its quest for providing the most relevant, informative and best search results for its users by releasing and confirming its 26th Google Panda Update on July 18th, 2013. The SEO community is already referring to this as a “softer” update that is finely targeted. This update mainly targeted companies that have been hit hard by the Panda updates over the last year or so, and the update aided as a bit of a recovery for sites that deserved better ranking.

Earlier this week, many webmasters noticed a nice bump in search results and website traffic, leading them to believe that Google was indeed releasing a new Panda update. Although in the past Google has said they would stop announcing and confirming updates, they still went ahead and confirmed this newest “recovery” update.

The “recovery” update seems to be a breath of fresh air for webmasters practicing the proper methods of SEO (white hat) by helping them move back up the SERP’s to regain their proper positioning. This further backs up the immediate and long term benefits of practicing White Hat SEO and why your company should make sure they are following Google’s set of guidelines.

Boston Web Marketing is an industry leader in Search Engine Optimization and we practice all of the proper White Hat SEO guidelines to getting your business ranked at the top of search results.

By Mike Fedotowsky

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