Google Confirms New Image Search Filters for Mobile Users

Here at Boston Web Marketing, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting changes to Google’s user interface (UI)  on both desktop and mobile. One of Google’s latest updates is to their mobile image search interface, which now includes large, tap-friendly buttons for image search filters. A Google spokesperson recently confirmed this change is permanent so, we can expect this update to soon be available for mobile users nationwide.


Google Image Search Filters – Guide for Mobile

Whether these changes are currently visible on your device or not, knowing how Google’s new image search filters work is the best way to become a more efficient mobile search user and, most importantly, better optimize your website for image search. Let’s try the search term “Metal Roof“…












As you can see here, large teal buttons appear offering additional filters for the broad search term “metal roof.” You can also scroll this section to the right to see additional filters. Tapping any of the filters will change your image results and offer additional filters to further define your results. Click the X on the white buttons to clear your filters and return to the broad search term results page.












Because this change is relatively new, you can’t expect this functionality with all search terms until it has fully rolled out nationwide. For example, in honor of National Dog Day, let’s search for “Dachshund Puppy“…












Instead of  the large filter buttons, the classic “related” links are still listed. These closely spaced and small links are still accessible  but not nearly as user-friendly.


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