Google Confirms Adwords Quality Score Bug is Fixed

Last week left many Adwords users up in arms about a sudden drop in their keyword quality scores due to a bug that appeared unexpectedly.  However, in true Google fashion, experts went to work immediately in order to correct the issue and ensure all users that their quality scores would be rightfully restored.

Yesterday, March 29th, Google provided a final statement in regard to the situation: “The bug affecting quality scores that we posted about on Friday is now fixed. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this. If you paused any keywords yesterday, we recommend that you un-pause them now in order to see the correct scores. These paused keywords will not reflect the correct score until one or two hours after being un-paused.”

So, all those who were left worrying about when this bug would be squashed can let out a sigh of relief. And, as Google said, do not forget to un-pause those keywords so that your campaign is able to return to its most effective state.

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