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In the effort to gather as well as contribute to the latest news and information in the online marketing industry, most people remain reliant on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook networks.  However, one should not forget about Google+, as this particular platform provides some of the best circles for marketers and business owners alike to follow.  Joining and also adding the right people and companies to your circle can bring some of the most relevant and beneficial SEO content to the forefront.

A recent article provided ten specific circles that could be of true benefit online-marketing and SEO-wise.  One of these circles can be found here, geared specifically for marketing for small businesses.  The possible connections as well as content to discover that could help improve your current marketing strategies could be plentiful, especially for someone who is less familiar with SEO and each step it truly entails.

An additional circle to follow focuses specially on engaging brands on Google+, providing a community of some of the most successfully involved companies and brands within the network.  Some of these are big-name businesses and are sure to have an SEO team behind them to help drive their online presence.  Following these connections can be beneficial to other marketers who are striving to achieve similar results, but also to the average user and business-owner that wants to learn what the optimal practices are in terms of how and when to provide what content.

Other circles include those focused on topics such as blogging and social media optimization, two additional components to an effective marketing campaign.  Not only is it worth following these various Google+ circles to further your own knowledge on the best practices to engage in, you also have the opportunity to increase your own following and provide suggestions and points of your own.  Google+ circles allow for give-and-take relationships to form with other community members, creating a network of people that can constructively interact and learn from each other.

-Casey Guntlow
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