Google Chrome to Show “Not Secure” Warnings

Though Google recently announced that a site’s security (HTTP vs. HTTPS) would not become a more significant ranking factor, they are taking other actions to encourage sites to transition to HTTPS. By October 2017, Google announced that Google Chrome will add “not secure” warnings on HTTP web pages when users enter any information into a search box or when filling out a form.

Protecting users’ personal information is a concern of Google’s, made clear by efforts like this one, to encourage website owners to get an SSL certificate and officially secure all their web pages. Though this change will not affect the rankings of non-secure websites, it will certainly affect the way users interact with their pages. The new “not secure” warning is likely to make users question whether they still want to enter information on this website, especially if users are unfamiliar with this system and therefore unaware of what exactly this warning means.

Ideally, Google would like to label every web page as “not secure” in order to warn users not to share personal information but this will take significant time considering the amount of web pages that exist. It is expected that Google will continue to make such efforts to encourage sites to switch over to HTTPS, even if formal efforts to punish HTTP sites are not made. For SEO best practice, Boston Web Marketing advises sites to get an SSL certificate to avoid any possible losses of traffic or business. For other SEO best practices, read this article to see if your website is following some of the most crucial SEO ranking factors.

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