Google Chrome To Block Flash

Google Chrome’s new update, Chrome 53, will be designed to block Flash. This new update will be rolling out in September, and replacing flash will be pure HTML 5. According to Google, most of the flash on the web is never seen by users as 90% is loaded “behind the scenes.” Even though it is behind the scenes, it slows down your browsing experience which is why Google is opting to block Flash all together. Publishers and Google view HTML 5 as lighter and faster than Flash and are switching over to HTML 5 to speed up page loading. This will ultimately save battery life, and improve responsiveness and efficiency of many websites.

The search engine giant has be de-emphasizing flash ever since last September. This came as they noticed that flash started being served on a click-to-play basis rather than auto play. Google has also announced that in December that HTML 5 will be the experience on Chrome. Both Adobe and Google will be working together in making this transition as smooth as possible to make sure user experience is at its prime.

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