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Google Caught Testing Videos in Image Search Results

An online user has recently alerted Search Engine Land that they saw some unusual activity from Google recently. It turns out the search engine is testing video results that appear in Google Image Search on mobile devices.

The search was done on a mobile device and the search phrases that prompted the different appearance of the results were “men jackets,” “lookbook,” and “winter outfit” — which means these tests are only triggered when searching retail-related terms. Google embedded these related YouTube retail videos (labeled “New look on YouTube”) to appear at the top, with the usual image carousel below.

These YouTube videos do not, thankfully, play sound when they appear in the user’s current browser window. However, the videos cannot be paused, deleted or hidden in search results but instead plays on repeat. judging by the screenshots taken by Alex Chitu the videos appear to be clickable, but he did not indicate if the videos play in their entirety or a segment was repeated on a loop instead.

Google, along with other search engines, are constantly running experiments and tests to continuously improve user experience. For example, just last month Google recently launched a new look for recipes in mobile search results, while last week Bing revealed peak business hours and easy-access Restaurant menus in search results.

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