Is Google’s CallJoy Useful for Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Google has continuously provided algorithmic updates on search, quality updates including BERT queries, and business tools to help small businesses create more conversions.

Ultimately, the search engine giant aims to provide an ecosystem where businesses can rely on Google’s marketing suite and e-commerce tools to improve visibility with relevant searches and potential consumers. The latest tool that Google is pushing currently is the CallJoy phone agent platform, in order to easily integrate with Google My Business and provide a more seamless conversion channel for customers.

According to The Keyword blog, CallJoy is an AI-lite phone agent that can now address business callers with new formalities, better direction for needs, and even support new call-to-actions. Previously, BWM discussed the potential of CallJoy when it was released as a beta call-and-close service for smaller businesses. However, Bob Summers, the CallJoy Manager for Google, explains that the tool can now integrate key digital conversions and convenient purchasing options via phone support.

For example, a caller might ask a restaurant’s agent, “Do you have vegetarian options?” If the small business had entered the phrase “vegetarian” into CallJoy and defined a verbal response for the agent, the agent could respond, “Yes! Our menu has vegetarian and vegan-friendly choices. Can I text you the link to our online menu?”

Since no small business is the same, CallJoy makes it simple to train the agent on how to handle customer inquiries. The agent can not only speak an answer, but also send a link and then continue the conversation or connect to the business’s phone number. Starting today, there are an unlimited number of ways to set up your CallJoy agent.

The service aims to address key issues that small businesses face: unanswered phones and ensuring that users get the services they need ASAP. The CallJoy service helps to ensure that all consumers get an answer on the phone but also levering digital convenience for patients. The tool is fully customizable for businesses in terms of responses and call-to-actions you’d like programmed.

Is CallJoy right for my small business SEO and marketing?

The tool is likely to help most service providers and B2C businesses that may need extra hands in terms of phone support in general customer service. CallJoy works in tandem with Google My Business and provides an immediate call-to-action on your local listing.

The only things a business may have issues with is related to certain privacy laws and digital marketing budget. Medical businesses may not be able to fully maximize CallJoy since it is not immediately intended for urgent care centers, hospitals, or primary care offices. This is likely due to HIPPA compliance concerns and ensuring that a patient’s health data is protected. In addition, businesses need to budget an extra $39 a month in order to maintain the service.

The important decision that businesses have to make is determining how important call support and similar digital marketing tools are important for their online marketing efforts. There are many other tools that can help, but it may take an expert to help integrate them into your web properties. If you have questions, contact the Boston Web Marketing team today to get started!

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