Google Busts Myths About Indexing

Recently, Google Developers revealed some details about how the search bots crawl and index websites, individual pages, and new content. Google’s John Mueller suggested ways to optimize new content and implied that Search Console’s URL Submit Tool is not exactly the key to faster indexing.


Shockingly, it’s been unveiled that the URL Submit Tool, also known as Fetch as Google, is not at all a necessity as an SEO tool. On one hand, it gives a website developer an additional insurance that new content is indexed. On the other hand, Google developers say it wouldn’t dramatically speed up your indexing process.


However, it’s been noted that in emergency or time-sensitive situations, fetching as Google can make a difference. For example, hacked or disinfected website will need reindexing as soon as possible, in order to preserve the rankings on SERPs. Generally, the URL Submit Tool is more effective in an urgent event when something needs to be removed from the website, such as wrong phone number or a non-existing service page.


Most commonly, if your website is not being indexed fast enough indicates that there might be a problem on the website’s end. Make sure the new content is showing up in the RSS feed and can be found within the sitemap. Double check that new content is linked to a prominent page on your website.

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