Google Brings AMP Advantages to Your Inbox

AMP for Email?

Following their recent AMP Story update, Google announced they will now be offering the advantages of AMP pages to their inboxes. Follow along to learn more about this exciting new development from Google.

A Review of AMP

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. The project was designed to improve the performance of pages, articles, and in some cases, entire websites and by extension, the overall experience of mobile browsing. AMP has transformed the way we interact with the internet via mobile devices. Thanks to AMP updates, it is now much easier to browse on your mobile device, most notably, loading new articles.

What Does This Mean for Email?

Beginning today, developers can opt into previewing the AMP for Email experience. This preview will allow developers to explore the ways this feature might be able to improve their mobile email experience.

Benefits of AMP Emails

As with most of their announcements, Google gave limited information about the ins and outs of this new feature but they did offer some ways in which it can be helpful including keeping content up to date in real time, the ability for recipients to browse through and interact with content, and the speed and ease at which users will be able to complete tasks.

Get Your Website Faster

If your website is slow, you are certainly missing out on website traffic and conversions because users are leaving your website if it doesn’t load quickly. Fix this problem by creating AMP pages and posts on your website! Further explore the advantages of AMP by previewing their new email option and speed up your mobile activity! Need help getting your website faster? Contact Boston Web Marketing today for a free estimate on getting your website into shape!

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