Google Bookings Feature Now Live

Last July, Google teased us by slowly releasing “book now” buttons  to select Google Business Profiles. This feature was only released for select types of businesses in the summer, such as salons and hairdressers. Last week, Google announced that they would be rolling out the features for all profiles.


When you enter into your Google My Business Profile you will find the option to “sign up for bookings”. As of now, Google has only partnered with a dozen or so booking providers such as Booksy, Genbook, and Setmore. So if you want to take advantage of Google Bookings, you’ll have to be using one of the approved booking platforms.


Within the new bookings feature, you can view how many people set appointments, and how much revenue the bookings feature has generated. This data will be in another section other than Google Insights. This new feature is great for many local businesses, who are looking to capitalize on booking features. Businesses that could take advantage of this could be:


  • Hair Salons/Barbershops
  • Restaurants
  • Car Service
  • Tattoo Shops
  • Movie Theaters/Performing Art Centers
  • Quick Lube Auto Service
  • & More


This change is one of the many Google has made in 2017. It appears they are continuing to fine-tune the tool, which is great for all small business owners.

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