Google Asks for Reinforcements Against Offensive, False Content

There are thousands of contractors out there who work for Google — many of whom analyze search results. These days it’s all about making sure users have access to accurate and non-offensive content. As a result, the search engine has asked these very contractors to take on an additional role: Flag upsetting, offensive and false content.

The goal here is to downrank these types of websites and reward those providing accurate information with a boost in search results rankings. These contractors now have the ability to flag a website under the following instances:

  • “How to” information detailing harmful activities such as assault.
  • Graphic violence in the form of text, photos or videos such as abuse.
  • Racially charged slurs or extremely offensive words against individuals or organizations
  • Any content degrading or promoting hate against individuals, groups or organizations based on class, gender, religion, sexuality, etc.

However, this doesn’t just mean these users can start flagging anything they deem “offensive” — there are obviously guidelines set in place. For instance, a first-account story about how a veteran became disabled would not be flagged, but a post about ostracizing disabled veterans can be flagged.

For website owners and managers, it’s important to check the content on your website, especially your posts, and make sure information is accurate. It helps to include backlinks to the sources you’ve used in order to make your content more credible with both users and search engines.

In the event you do get flagged, your website won’t immediately be plummeted to the depths of search results. Rather, this information is used by Google’s developers to better improve their algorithms in the future.

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