Google Announces More Personalized Search Results

Google has recently announced at its Search On event that its “About this result” section now highlights if results are personalized.  So, what does this mean?  According to one of Google’s recent blog posts, Google will now show users whether the result of search queries are personalized or not.  Originally back in February 2021, Google added an “About this result” section that would only inform the user with more context about the results of their search queries. It has then expanded to show what it considered to deliver these results.

The most recent news came about after Google placed value not only on search results but also on how their systems determined those results.  The new personalized search feature is only available in English for U.S.-based users at the moment.  The new feature customizes results based on past searches and browsing history.  Google’s goal stays consistent with their new feature as they are providing users with information that is most useful to them at the time.  The information presented through the new feature allows users to understand how Google connects them to relevant information.

New Function Can Help Recommend Recipes, Movies, And More

According to Google’s blog, one of the uses for this enhanced personalization is culinary purposes.  For example, if you are looking for new ideas for dinner time you can search “dinner ideas” to see personalized recommendations for recipes you might like to try.  Other uses include new restaurants, personalizing shopping, and recommendations about tv shows and movies.  If a user has the personalized results setting turned on that user will be able to select the streaming services they use and get show suggestions aimed at their taste.

Other New Developments Announced

In addition to the expansion of customized search results, Google also unveiled several new initiatives at the annual event.  These include updates to make searching more natural and intuitive, updates to Google Maps to bring in aerial views of landmarks, and neighborhood vibe checks.  Google is doing a great job enhancing information about the environmental impact of choices such as driving routes and meals.

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