Google Announces its Newest GMB API Version

Yesterday, Google announced its newest Google My Business API version 4.2. New features include verification options, new location endpoints, expanded search function, chain membership and product posts, developers now can modify any Google My Business listings programmatically, which can be accessed here. However, to claim access, you will need to send a request and be granted access to this API. Let’s check out some of its key features:


Third party platforms that are already integrated with Google My Business will now have full control and access for their merchants to verify their Google My Business listing directly through their native platform. This also includes the standard verification options for listings, sending a postcard, and receiving a phone call.

Google Locations.

Due to the new Google My Business update, API users can identify a listing that already existed or if it has been claimed. When the listing is already claimed, owners can send the merchant a link to request access to the claimed location.


The new Google My Business API now includes an expanded location filter such as additional options for limiting the results returned from a location.

Chain Membership.

The Google My Business API now offers a new endpoint to search for chains (e.g., Walmart, Target, etc.) through the full or partial name, a particular location within that chain.

Product Posts. 

Google My Business API users can now create a new product post (which should display in the “products” tab on the business listing) and highlight any product offerings you have to offer.

With the new update, it has opened a new gateway to fully maximize your Google My Business listing page for business owners and partners. If you are a businessman who’s struggling to keep up with the continually Google algorithm change or need an SEO and social media agency to help guide you with your online presence, consider speaking to our sales team at or for a free consultation call us at (857) 526-0096

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