Google Announced New Mobile-Friendly Ad Formats In Search Results

As mobile search surpasses desktop searches, during last Tuesday’s Step Inside AdWords event Google announced new mobile-friendly ad formats for three verticals to revamp new ad formats initiatives that will go further than the last click for Google . These new ad formats initiatives across three verticals that include automotive, hotel and mortgages.

Automotive Ads

This new search ad format will link to a carousel of interior and exterior images of the car allowing users to swipe through. By tapping one of the images on the carousel, it will bring up a page with more facts about the vehicle. By tapping on the “Dealers” link inside the ad or landing page a “three-pack” of ads of nearby dealer listings will be displayed.














Hotel Ads

Hotel ads will include specific information pages and “Book a room” that includes from the hotel itself as well from other travel sites such as Expedia.















Google Compare Expansion

Google is expanding with Google Compare Expansion on auto insurance and adding mortgages later this year. Consumers will be able to compare mortgages rates from numerous mortgage providers and analyze a customized set of measures such as interest rates, loan and fee terms and apply or call directly with a lender from the Google Search ad. Google also announced the expansion of the auto insurance quote comparison service to Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania that was debuted in California. This now includes reviews and local agent support.

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