How utilizing Google Analytics can help your business grow

How do you know if your website is performing well? Better yet, how do you know what aspects of your site are performing well? Google offers a free product called Google Analytics to those who manage websites. We wouldn’t be able to achieve success for our clients without utilizing Google Analytics and understanding its data is at the core of what we do here at Boston Web Marketing. The information it provides us regarding user actions helps our SEO reps understand what needs to be changed on your site to drive more leads or more clicks.

What Google Analytics Tracks

Again, Google Analytics is tracking software created by Google that is placed inside your website (in the back end coding, there is no page counter).  This piece of code lets us track:

  • The number of visitors your webpage receives
  • Where are these visitors coming from (Which regions/servers)
  • How these visitors found your website (Search Engines, Referral Sites etc)
  • How long did they stay on each page
  • Which keywords they typed in to find you

How BWM use this Information

This information is extremely important from an optimization and marketing standpoint.  The number of visitors your webpage receives lets your webmaster or SEO company know if their efforts are working.  Understanding where your traffic is coming from allows you to understand where to focus your other marketing efforts.  If you are a local business gaining traffic from a location where you don’t offer your services, it is time to create “Service Area pages” to help you rank better locally. It is also a great way to help you make informed decisions on future geo-targeted marketing decisions.  In building your online brand there are a variety of websites, listing sites, social media sites, and search engines you tweak content for in order to rise to the top.

How to Understand Google Analytics

Understanding where your traffic is coming from will allow you to understand where to focus your additional efforts.  If visitors click on your page and then immediately exit, they are low-quality traffic. A page view with zero interaction also impacts what is known as ‘Bounce Rate.’ If your site has a high bounce rate, you want to look into adding more engaging content to your home and landing pages.

Keyword Insights

Finally, knowing the keywords that people are typing in to find you is critical to understanding your online presence.  Often times professionals in a given industry speak jargon and assume the lamen looking for the service will do the same.  Google Analytics will help you to realize this isn’t always the case, allowing you to tweak your content to better reflect your audience. Additionally, there is another tool that Google provides for free called Google Search Console that assists in deciphering this data.

Boston Web Marketing: Understanding Site Traffic to increase your Websites Success

If you are interested in more SEO techniques or would like to hire us to manage your reputation online contact us at: or call 857.526.0096. Our SEO reps are trained in understanding the data within Google Analytics and using it to make informed decisions regarding site edits to improve the success of your site.

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