Google Analytics is Blocked By Firefox? An Explanation

This week Mozilla, the parent company of Firefox, released a new updated version of their web browser. This new version by default blocks all trackers including Google Analytics. This change is to keep users’ data private in the ongoing fight for privacy protection after the Facebook privacy incident.

What Does This Mean?

This update is huge for webmasters, SEO specialists, and small businesses as the data from Google Analytics is extremely important for businesses and site owners. The non-personally identifiable data Google Analytics captures is vital to the success of businesses’ future marketing efforts and how they create brand awareness. With it being blocked, it leaves a huge gap in learning about how many people actually visit their website and can hinder how businesses can market in this web browser. This begs the question of, who will follow in Mozilla’s footsteps to protect user data?

With this happening, businesses will need to find a new way to figure out their website data from this browser but a Firefox developer gave some silver lining to this update.

This silver lining is that most of the data will be unaffected but site owners should still be wary that traffic data will be affected if visitors are using the latest version of Firefox.

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