Google Analytics Introduces “Trash Can” Feature

Have you ever accidentally deleted¬†important data while clicking around aimlessly in Google Analytics? Have no fear, Google Analytics has added a new “Trash Can” feature that allows you to reclaim or view deleted information within the last 35 days.

You can find this new feature under the Administration tab, from here you can access the trash can and view all recently deleted information. From here you can reclaim and restore any information you need and just like that your data is back!



It will be a few more weeks before this feature can be found on everyone’s Google Analytics accounts. But it will be very helpful in the future to retrieve any accidental loses of data. Please note that despite this new feature, Google Analytics will still delete any information permanently after the 35 days – so its important to remember the date in which you delete things so that you have the opportunity to restore anything within the 35 day period!

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