Google Analytics Goals: How to Gain Conversions

Google Analytics is a free tool put out by Google that is used to track data regarding those visiting a site. While it can pick up on some indicators such as gender, age group, and location, Analytics won’t document who specifically is on your site by name which is a common misconception. Using Analytics allows those managing a site to understand how users are interacting with specific pages. Depending on the purpose of your site (e-commerce, services, informative, etc.) you can set up goals through Analytics to track how well your site is truly doing. Let’s take a look at some goals you can set up and some things to look at when analyzing the data!

Site Purpose

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of your site is important when setting up goals. If you are an e-commerce site with a product or products, a goal could simply be once someone completes an order. If you are providing a service where people tend to shop around for the best price, a phone call through your site, a lead, could be considered a goal. Additionally, one could add a contact form for the same goal of lead generation. Setting up these goals will allow you to see how many people went to your site and liked what they saw so much, they voluntarily became a part of your lead/sales funnel!

Call to Action

When adding content to your site, you want to be naturally leading people to convert a goal. If you are a website providing local news, a goal could be having visitors sign up for a weekly, email-based newsletter. When writing content for all pages that can be found on your site, lead users to fill out that contact form or call your business. Through some simple plug-ins, one can add clickable phone numbers and contact forms on the sides of pages within your site. Analytics will then allow you to see which pages are converting the most goals! From there, compare that page with others not doing as well and it may shine a light as to where there is a disconnect. Maybe the page not converting goals has less content or is formatted strangely? It could also mean the service highlighted on that page is not in demand or those looking for that service don’t find your page at all!

The Moving Target

In all types of marketing, especially through a digital medium, we are shooting at a moving target. Consumer habits change, competition is evolving constantly and there is always competition. When a page or site isn’t performing well, be sure to seek to understand. When performing edits, give them a few weeks to a month before coming to conclusions. Edits made to a site can take time for Google to properly index. And as more people come to your site, it will hopefully increase your search rankings through an increase in users viewing more pages and staying on the site longer. A good rule of thumb in digital marketing is focusing on the user experience and be sure if they find their way to your site, it’s for good reason!

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