Google Allowing Users to Add Hashtags to Business Reviews

To help users be more helpful to their peers when looking at businesses online, Google has now added the function for hashtags to be included in business reviews in Maps and Google My Business. By doing this, reviews will be more searchable and easier to find depending on what the searcher is looking for. For example, if you were wondering if a restaurant had vegan options, you could simply search for the term “vegan” in the search bar under the reviews tab.

Reviewers can use up to five hashtags to add to their reviews of a business. Google suggests putting the hashtags at the end of your review rather than just sprinkling them throughout your review. In addition, this feature is meant to help users, so be sure to use useful hashtags. As mentioned above, tags such as #vegan, #petfriendly, and  #hiddengem, are good tags to use. Writing about a place you went to a while ago and adding #flashback probably wouldn’t help users if they are looking for specifics about a place.

What is great about this latest Google experiment is the fact that they can be added to old reviews as well as new ones being written. Another great note about this feature is that you can click on the hashtag to search for more reviews that use the same keyword. The only downside is that you can, currently, only use hashtags in reviews by using an Android device.

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