Google AdWords Store Visits Measurement Now Available To 1,000 Advertisers

Tracking conversions and how well your AdWords campaign was actually working in the past could be a bit tricky. But now Google offers store visit data which measures in-store conversions from AdWords.

Google’s store visits tracking data, which has helped close the online-to-offline attribution gap, was introduced back in December 2014. Since this time Google has said it measured more than 1 billion store visits globally. This feature is used to show the effects of online advertising on actual foot traffic to the store.

In the past, Google AdWords store visit data was only available to select companies, but now, after Google Annual Performance Summit last week, it was announced that AdWords store visits measurement will now be available to 1,000 advertisers in 11 countries.

Nissan UK one of the advertisers using AdWords store visits measurements found that 6% of mobile ad clicks resulted in a visit to the dealership. Another company, Seven & i Holdings found that 10% of mobile searches led to a store visit to their Japan store. And in 2015, Google shared that US retailers saw 10% more conversions from mobile search ads when they accounted for store visits.

Although only now available to 1,000 advertisers, Google’s AdWords Store Visits continues to grow and now Google has announced promoted pins on maps which will make tracking store visits all the more important.

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