Google Ads Update – Deal Promotions Features & Driving In-Store Purchases

Google Ads announced they will be rolling out some new features to its paid ad customers. In the coming weeks, managers of paid ad campaigns will be able to better promote deals and drive in-store purchases. With consumers now on the lookout for deals more than ever, easily promoting deals and being able to track those visiting your store after viewing an ad can dramatically impact how your market your products online. Continue reading this blog to learn more about Google Ad’s most recent update!

It is also important to note, these announcements came just days after Amazon announced its Prime day will be two days longer than in previous years. One would assume Google’s update was in response to Amazon’s Prime day update.

Google Ads Updates


More In-Market Audiences

If you are familiar with Google Ads, it is more likely than not that you know about or have a basic understanding of in-market audiences. An in-market audience allows marketers to tap into consumers who are researching or comparing products across Google’s display network. This is done using  ‘cookies’ on the Display network and the ‘Audience’ is determined based on what the users need to have clicked on related ads in the past in addition to the what types of pages they view.

Googles recent update expanded the amount of In-market Audiences you will be able to select for your campaigns. The number of new in-market audiences is 30 to be exact. This will allow marketers to better pinpoint those interested in their products and promote them accordingly.

Local Inventory Ads

If you have ever searched a product on Google, you have most certainly seen a local inventory ad. These appear just below your Google Search bar and show the products, its price, and even where the product is located relative to your location. Marketers will now be able to promote special deals within the ads unlike before. Users seeing a product just miles from their location in addition to a promotional deal may be what drives them to your store over a competitor.

Boston Web Marketing: Google Paid Search Experts

The aforementioned updates are only just some of the new features marketers will be able to utilize to promote sales locally. As with any Google update, Boston Web Marketing will closely monitor the reception of these features to better understand what will work best for our clients. If you have a business that could benefit from promoting seasonal or annual deals directly on Google, give Boston Web Marketing a call today!

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